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On January 25th each year, people all over Wales celebrate St Dwynwen's Day, the Welsh patron saint of lovers. In honour of Wales’ Valentine’s Day here’s 6 reasons it’s so easy to fall in love with a career in the beautiful nation.

1. Cost of living

We’ve all been a bit envious when we see those salary surveys with people in the South East earning mega bucks but don’t forget those of us in Wales enjoy one of the lowest costs of living in the whole of the UK. With property prices affordable and basic expenses low, Wales is the ideal place to buy that dream house or cut back on work a little to enjoy life outside the office.

2. Shorter commutes

According to the ONS those of us in Wales enjoy the shortest commutes in the UK, with an average 41 minutes spent getting to work compared to those people in London travelling for 74.2 minutes. This is a massive 115 hours more a year the people of Wales can enjoy at home on the sofa binge watching Netflix.

3. The people

There’s a reason BBC3 decided to film ‘The Call Centre’ at a Swansea office, with larger than life characters and the famous sense of humour we like to think the Welsh are up there as some of the friendliest people to work with. Whether it’s the lovely accent or the friendly banter on rugby days there’s not often a boring day in a Welsh office.

4. Great foodie places for lunch

We might not be overrun with Michelin star restaurants but when it comes to the good old office sarnie we do better than most. From the giant hoagies at New York Deli, Cardiff to an ice cream from Verdi’s Cafe, Mumbles we’ve got it pretty sweet when it comes to lunch hours.

5. Sport

Ever been to Cardiff on a Rugby day? Imagine that in offices all over Wales (minus the beer). From the spring 6 Nations, to the autumn Internationals you can’t make a cuppa in an office without someone asking your opinion on the match, doesn’t matter if you’re an die-hard fan or an arm chair spectator you can’t help get sucked into the atmosphere, just be careful letting on your English in the lead up to Wales v England!

6. The ease of ‘getting away from it all’

If you’ve had a bad week or just need to blow the cobwebs away after being sat in the office Wales not only has some of the most spectacular scenery in the UK but also some of the most accessible. In less than an hour from Cardiff you could be up a mountain or on a deserted beach.

Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia National Park, the ideal place to escape.

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