Today has been nicknamed ‘Blue Monday’, supposedly the most depressing day of the year with the fun of Christmas well and truly over, credit card bills coming in and those new year’s resolutions already slipping.

If you’re anything like us you probably don’t have a huge amount of cash to splash on cheering yourself up but here are a few things small things can do to brighten your day and take your mind off the date:

Go for a walk

The weather might be miserable but studies have shown that getting outside, even just for 20 minutes or so, really helps with mental health. So put on your coat and walk the long way to the shop, use your lunch hour for something other than looking at meme’s on facebook and go explore the area your office is in. You might not need to join that expensive gym that you joined on the 1st January after all.

Stroke a willing dog (or cat)

We know this isn’t for everyone and you might not have a willing pet on hand but spending some time fussing a cheery dog or purring cat never fails to cheer you up. Even if you don’t have a friendly neighbourhood cat there are 9 cat cafes scattered around the country you can go visit to get your fix. Alternatively, get all the warm fuzzy feels by doing a good deed volunteering to walk the dogs at your local dog shelter.

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Buy yourself a little treat

January is a notoriously tight month but treating yourself to a magazine or a nice coffee as a one off isn’t going to break the bank and will brighten up your day. This is a perfect time to use any vouchers you’ve saved up from Christmas, shopping without the guilt.

Good food

Starting a diet in January is always depressing, give yourself a cheat day and buy in some of your favourites and pig out. If cooking is your thing get some friends round and treat them to a gourmet feast.

Dance like a loon to your favourite tunes

Who can resist dancing to their favourite tune? Put it on as loud as it will go and dance round your house like no-one is watching. We challenge you to still feel blue after all those endorphins are released!

Have a Duvet Day

Sometimes you just need to curl up and shut out the world. Get your duvet and all the cushions in your house, put your favourite film on and curl up on the sofa for a few hours. Bonus points if this turns into an impromptu nap!


Over Christmas you probably did your annual catch up with everyone from your Great Aunt Doreen to Dan who you played football with once in year seven, now you can forget about them for another year January is a time for catching up with your friends who make you happy. Get your besties round for a cuppa or meet them for a drink (keep it quiet though, remember its January) and you’ll instantly feel better.

If all else fails give yourself something to look forward to, book at holiday….

Not exactly the most money saving but there’s a lot to be said for having something to look forward to and a holiday in the sunshine is just the tonic to the January blues. Go to the travel agent and pick up all the brochures, spend an afternoon pouring over all the pictures and attempting to choose somewhere to go. Even if you don’t end up booking anything just thinking about a holiday will make you forget how grey January is!

Here at Yolk we’re doing our bit to cheer up your blue Monday by turning it into #YellowMonday, head over to our twitter and join in, we’re brightening up some offices in Cardiff today by delivering some sweet treats to get you through.



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