We’re super excited to introduce our new Cardiff HQ which has been lovingly designed with a focus on staff well-being.

Arcade games, herbal tea stations, a pool table, even Mindfulness sessions with a Tibetan monk, – it’s all happening at The Shell.

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After forecasting growth figures of £10m by 2019 and receiving support of an additional £260,000 business finance grant from the Welsh Government for the creation of 29 new jobs by 2018, we figured the Yolks needed a new home.

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Co-founder and managing director, Dale Williams, said: “These forecast figures would not be possible without the fantastic team at Yolk, who continuously deliver and strive to be the best they can be.

“Productivity is currently higher than ever and absenteeism at an all-time low. That’s why it is so important to us as a company to reward our staff by investing in them as employees and individuals. As a result of the office move, not only are we able to offer current employees a positive working environment, it also enables us to grow the business and open up new job vacancies at Yolk. ”

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After lusting over the homes of ‘cool office’ kings like Google and Innocent we took inspiration from some of the world’s leading companies that have started investing in inspirational office space in a bid to increase productivity and creativity.

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Our surroundings are finally reflecting the culture we're proud of; we’re enjoying lunch like a proper Yolk family with our large designer kitchen and spacious eating area. Our Friday beer o'clock has been upgraded thanks to the open plan design complete with bar stools and stylish drink fridges.

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We're even helping staff to make healthier choices at work with herbal tea stations, healthy vending machines and weekly deliveries of fresh fruit. (Don’t worry we still have the option for a sneaky Mars Bar).

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We've got creative breakout areas offering positive spaces to relax and boost staff concentration; we've never seen so much productivity. Our client lounge and training suite provide designated spaces to engage with clients and encourage continuous skills development, we're even offering our spaces for clients to use themselves - form an orderly queue please.

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On top of the awesome staff and visitor areas we’ve got more office space than you can shake a stick at, gearing up for team Yolk to almost double by 2018 – watch this space!

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