Our specialists are often asked for advice about their specific areas of expertise so we came up with these career guides for each of our different divisions. So whether you are interested in accountancy or marketing, a legal career or pursuing IT we hope you find something useful in our guides to specific careers.


Marketing is everywhere from the billboards we drive past daily to the brands we follow on Twitter, almost every company has a marketing provision and it is this huge variety of different opportunities within the sector which is what draws so many people into the marketing industry every year. Marketers are the people who make us Just do it, entice us to get the London look and Turn it to 30° and it is hardly surprising to learn that marketing is one of the most popular career destinations for newly qualified graduates. 



Every company that has a product or provides a service needs sales people. Sales people are the ones on the frontline taking these products or services out to consumers, as long as companies strive to remain competitive, there will always be jobs available for good quality sales people. If you are good at sales there is an unlimited number of industries you can move into from selling life insurance to the public to selling office equipment into businesses and as your earnings are typically partially made up by commission based on your sales there is an ability to earn a very high salary in a relatively short space of time.



As technology continues to dominate more and more of our lives the demand for IT experts is only going to increase. You only have to think back to 10 years ago and how technology has changed in that time to realise how fast the IT sector is growing. As well as the growth in the industry the sheer amount of options available across a wide variety of different sectors is what attracts many to a career in IT. 


Human Resources

With the responsibility for working with all areas of an organisation working in HR requires organisation and adaptability as well as the ability to communicate confidently with all levels within a business and the tenacity to drive a business forward. With so many organisations from small businesses to civil service departments and charities needing HR support there is almost unlimited opportunity for a HR professional.


Business Support

As the name suggests Business Support staff encompass all areas of support which enable the smooth day-to-day running of a business. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career as a PA or an office manager if you possess the skills needed to be successful in a business support role you will always be in demand. All businesses need a support function so the different industries which you are able to specialise in are almost limitless.



As there is an increasing scrutiny on a business' financal affairs working as a finance professional is more strategic than ever. Whether you choose to specialise in working in an Industry or a Practice environment there are many opportunities available at all levels from recent graduate to Director and CFO level.


With the popularity of a career in law not looking likely to dissipate anytime soon competition for entry level roles is high. However, as a growing industry a career in law can be a rewarding one with many opportunities is a variety of specialist areas so whether you are a recent Law Graduate or are interested in taking an alternative route to qualification we can help.


Whether a business is involved in construction or the manufacture and sales of beauty products it is more than likely they will have input from an engineer or scientist. From research and development through to supply chain management the variety of industries open to engineers is vast.

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